T Jarrod Bonta

The first question is usually, "What does the 'T' stand for?"

And there are probably reasonable answers: terrific, Texas, tubular, tantalizing...  but none of these would be the real answer. His name is just 'T' - it's on his birth  certificate.

Then, the second question is, how does someone so young play these piano styles with such authority and authenticity, as if he were the originator - boogie-woogie, stride, country, jazz, one song sounding like Pig Robbins, then the next song, like Nat Cole or Art Tatum. It's admittedly a good question and not one so easily answered as his short given name.

T Jarrod (full name, T Jarrod Bonta) has been performing in his home town of Austin, TX, since he was twelve years old. He has played or recorded with a variety of Texas' elite: Rosie Flores, Johnny Bush, Wayne Hancock, Cornell Hurd, The Horton Brothers, Jim Stringer & the AM Band, Marti Brom, and many others. As if there were ample time left, his own band, The T Jarrod Quartet, has been performing regularly since about 2000, playing a mix of western swing, jazz and country.

T's goal has not been to use his talent to achieve fame or fortune, but rather to refine his abilities and to seek to be the best player that he can be. One of life's lessons is that TALENT gives you a head start, but HARD WORK eventually moves you much further along. And when you mix immense talent with really hard work - well, you wind up with a musician like T Jarrod Bonta.


New CD in the works

Aiming at release in mid-2015, work has begun on a new CD... a dozen great new tunes

"White Lines" voted Number 1 on September 2011 FAR Chart

After entering the FAR chart at #2 in August, "White Lines" was voted #1 in September and as of November, remained in the top ten. "White Lines" is a collection of eleven originals and one cover. The recording features some of T's regular conspirators: Dennis O'Toole on drums; Randy Glines on the upright bass; Jim Stringer on electric and acoustic guitar; Dave Biller on pedal steel; Erik Hokkanen on fiddle; and Roger Wallace and Johnny Bush contributing harmony vocals. The entire project was recorded and produced by Billy Horton at his Fort Horton Studio near Bastrop, TX.